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Research Tools

Inmate Information Prior to 1960

If you need information about a specific inmate incarcerated before 1960, please use the Convict Information Request Form (pdf, 38K) For a $10 fee the Curator of Collections will research convict entry ledgers, convict conduct ledgers and museum files. Download and complete the form, and mail with the fee. (If you are a member of, this information may be obtained from that site as part of your membership.)

Inmate Information After 1960

If you are seeking information about an inmate incarcerated after 1960, please contact the Texas Department of Criminal Justice inmate records office at (936) 437-6583.


The Texas Prison Museum archives is available for use by approved historical researchers working on dissertations, books. magazine articles, documentaries, etc. Please use the Archival Research Information (pdf, 42K) form for more information.