Christmas Sale Through December 7

Barbara Sloan will be at the Museum Saturday, December 6 from 10:00am-5:00pm to sign her book Last Statement.

Special information for school tours.

Staff Photo Gallery

Photo of Vernette Porter
Vernette - Weekend Staff
Photo of Riley
Riley - Gift Shop Supervisor
Photo of Caroline
Carolyn - Volunteer
Photo of Rita
Rita - Staff
Photo of Terry
Terry - Staff
Photo of Elizabeth
Elizabeth - Staff
Photo of Rowdy Salazar
Jerry - Volunteer
Photo of Jim Willett
Jim - Director
Photo of Kathryn
Kathryn - Financial Operations Manager
Photo of Ashley
Ashley - Weekend Staff
Photo of Sandy Rogers
Sandy - Collections
Photo of Lara M
Lara M - Weekend Staff
Photo of Ivy
Ivy - Staff
Photo of Megan
Megan - Staff
Photo of Shelby
Shelby - Volunteer